Wednesday, August 08, 2007


the 1st two dayz I had her she mostly slept and sat around looking adorable.
today she feels more comfortable so she is acting like any usual puppy
that doesnt wanna go to EVER go to sleep.
she did nap for about two hours earlier this evening.
I guess I was lucky for awhile there.
did you hear about that crazy STORM in new york!?
i only caught a f=glimpse of the evening news but I plan on reallly paying attn to the late ELEVEN o' clock news.
hopefully I dont miss anything. i think it will be scary andthats what I crave. the scary.
doesnt everyone LOVE Robin Williams?
he should be our next PREZ! or is he too hairy?
he could get some laser hair removal I mean he IS rich?! afterall.
i bring this up because I was thinking about his 1987 movie GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!
robin williams can play any ROLE!
he is amaZING!
whats up with JIM?

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