Friday, August 31, 2007


for some odd reason I had upset stomach tonight.
for a few hours.
thats not FAIR.
get it?
and the fair I think fucks with my head for all sorts of different reasons.
and even though I had heartburn/indigestion or whatever was the case I still had 2 tacos and maybe like 4 bites of some not so great pork sandwich...
I wanted to eat more.
and maybe I should have taken pictures but sometimes I just wanna ENJOY my LIFE without MY CAMERA! excuse me.
but i shouldnt have had that SUNKIST SODA with all that SUGAR earlier in the afternoon i just knew it was gonna mess me up and maybe i guess the fair gives me anxiety. so ADD IT UP & you get what you get.
just kidding though.
but i do think some guy in the grandstands took some pictures of me.
seriously. I think he was taking pictures of all the peoples.
the sheriff pulled him aside.
he played all dumb.
I will post more PICTURES THAT I TOOK of things soon.
youre welcome but its really nothing and its more for me than you really.
and I will be using photobucket I GUESS>
since flicker says I am all FULL. no space or whatver.
wait a minute!
does september mean all new space for me?
well how do YOU post your pics on YOUR blog?
you have typepad?
you use blogger?
should I do exactly what you do?

coco is very suspicious of my laptop.
its so silly.

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