Tuesday, August 07, 2007


i hvae been meaning to POST some BS for the longest time so please please dont think that YOU hvae anything to do with anything at all
so ok here we go people
I sometimes dream of this fantasy town with this fantasy stuff and me and my family we travel there and it very strange and it VERY real life feeling and ANYWAYS I have nOT dreamt of that place in awhile and I was talking to my friend in a dream about it and I was trying to remember the NAME of the town for her and I couldnt remember one bitty bit and so I was ALL LETS just please GO there and I think I got fukcing LOST cause the town was all fucked up and people were screaming And some doors openned into nothing likeafucked up haunted mansion.
i cnat concentrate any more on this.
maybe I willl think harder on this at another time.
FIXTUREi have so much to do everyfuckingday.
and it seems that my responsibilities are only getting greater in number.
and oh yea I before I forget
a NEW sushi place openned UP right down the street and we ate there yesterday!
and we got a new puppy and her name is coco.

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