Friday, August 10, 2007

salvaging the sauce

see our 11 am wine? had only one glass but still got all fucked up.
almost wandered across the restaurante to say hey to some old broad I used to hang with.
but I wised up quick.
so hey
i had a bottle of water and i LOST it. I just had it! its cold stills.
coco is being a bad puppy and i think I am allergic
but she is cute and has mastered the stairs.
growing up so fast.

every so often I get this PAIn! in the back of my head. right side.
am I thirsty?
where is that water?

also!today I decided that I really like to enjoy my twinkies dipped in milk.
and I like orange cake with coffee icing. holyummy.

i notice that a lot of the girls are getting bigger and bigger boobs.
all these girls I see.

have you checked out the new real world?
FUCK yeah.

I am pretending tobe drunk.
the best batman movie BY FAR is on now so C-YA and have a safe weekend but not too much fun.
i will miss you

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