Monday, August 13, 2007

I totally love

1st day of school.
woke up b4 the sun!~
I had some coffee in the cafe' and talked to some MOMS
one MOM asked if I scrapbooked/
I said NO
then she asks if I would like to tile my bathroom and i said YES
I will SO be joining the PTA!!!!!! i am excited.
school is #1! and soccer!
I always wanna spell soccer like this: SOCCOR
how do you coach soccer?
anyone have any tips for COACH KATHRYN?
and GOOD tips! not lame idiot type tips.
tips with thought.
bought some good for the globe light bulbs yest. casue I am concerned about the enviroments
I have to call the electric company or visit their WEBSITe.
my blog is so much crappier than YOURS.
oh I am skipping the gym today because I drank 2 coffees w cream and fear that I would poop my pants.
coffee is like a laxative u know.
i need to water my flowers and make my bed and do some dish clean up and take the puppy outside.

can you see my stretchmarks??
I can.

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