Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I said FUCK outloud In front of the everything

so many people and things got on my nerves today..
but THAT IS my problemo.
choked myself to death a few moments ago.
not on purpose of course but it was a little fun.
AT first I was thinking I should use the op to vomit up my dinner and then go eat some lucky charms but I quickly thought better of the idea.
vomiting is so drama and I dont need no drama.
EARLIER I was trying to be reallly summery feeling so I ran through the sprinklers w my clothes on and a van full of people WAVED at me so I was like HEeY! and gave them the thumbs up signal and then they gave it back.
it was a neighborhood moment.
they could see my inner child.
my son was all mad cause he didnt think I was funny at all.
soccer practice also took place today from 5-6 and I pretty much just let the kids yell at me and kick balls at me.
its fun.
AND my toe was an inch away from a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER this afternoon while wattering some dead flowers.
wowie that was close.
what would happen to my toe?
fall off? turn purple? swell up?
i never like to bother spiders but I WILL kill one if I must.

i really want some fried chicken fo dinner tomorrow night.

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