Monday, December 19, 2005

That DUDE is totally running!

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I hate shopping for Christmas.
The stores are totally filled with everyone.
EVERY SINGLE DINGLE person in the UNIVERSE is shopping.
And even worse driving to GO shopping!
And I usually enjoy shopping, but right now it just TIS NOT the season.
so far have bought my step dad a sweater. REAL Cool huh!
and my mother an over priced purse but it does have her initials all over it. Cool.
and lets see
I have bought TONS of crud for the BRAT ATTACK living with me.
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And it is Christmas for me practically everyday SO I deserve nothing but a sack full of coal!
But I bet I will still get something.
Santa really does like naughty girls.
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i sure loaded up with lots of pictures this post.
I must be feeling extra creative!


carrie said...

buying christmas presents can be a pain, eh?

Kathryn said...

yes it can. but it can be fun if I try.