Wednesday, December 07, 2005

some bullshits gonna go down

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Tim does not like me posting any negativity about our marriage.
he has made comments.

SO I should also post POSITIVE and JOYFUL things in regards to marriage.
They do exsist.

Maids are coming and Tims not so sure it is safe to leave for some lunch and Christmas shopping for Drew.
I think its fine.

Last time the maids came one of them saw me with my pants down around my ankles.
Goodbyes were said And doors were shut.
I went upstairs in my bathroom that has a view of my front door.
and as I was done and stood up to pull my pants up the lady just opened my front door.
to give me a message I guess.
Well I was shocked and screamed SORRRY at her.
she just shut the door and ran away in her maid car.
I was laughing and was actually gonna go out there and see what the messsage was and to tell her that everything was alright but she ran away.

Hopefully she learned her lesson.

Goodbye means goodbye.

So I am waiting for them to get here so I can leave.

And there has been some recent discussion about me having a large amount of ringworm covering my body.
that would really be upsetting.
That is gross.
I have hives.
When I get stressed my body temperature increases and my skin just goes all itchy in patches.
As of now I have NO itchness. All is calm on my skin.
But if I start to get stressed and stuff.
Actually should just STOP thinking about it.

I want some sushi.
Curb Your Enthusiasm was so funny last night.
I was laughing and laughing.
Laughing is so fun.
Office was on too.
thats a funny show also.
Tuesdays are great.

Wednesdays are fine too.


carrie said...

i have had similar feelings about not posting bad stuff about my relationship. i don't want scott airing our 'dirty laundry' so to speak. but mostly i worry that people will misunderstand or get the wrong idea. however, sometimes it is nice to have an outlet.

that whole maid thing reminds me of how, in the sims, they don't care if the maid is in the bathroom when they go. heheh.

don't forget to buy me lots of presents, too! ;-)

you can go to sites to get cheats for the sims like having endless amounts of money and perpetual good mood. also you can download tons of new objects and wallpapers and floors. it's kind of like going shopping for free! it's fun.

Kathryn said...

I should just not blog.

carrie said...

only blog if you want to.

zandria said...

That's pretty funny about the maid!

Sometimes it's not easy to be happy, even when you really want to be. I think it's that way though whether you're married or not. So you have to decide what's best for you, but I've learned that just changing your situation doesn't always change your attitude. :)

nicole said...

You should point him towards the many things I've written about Randy. He loves that. xoxo