Wednesday, February 25, 2009

till the sun blows the fuck up

I think all the extra fiber is giving me GAS.
can I tell you that sort of stuff without the judgment?
whatever i am beyond that.
win some you lose some.
BUT mostly I WIN!
we all win.
these last few months I have learned A LOT of crucial information.
I am so experienced in life.
and the force.
its a lot to take in.
My "WORK" was somewhat busy today and i was like WHAaT!? WHaAT!?
one short lady bought a 139 dollar pair of earrings!
doesn't she know she should be saving?
the sterling silver hoopy earrings were pretty heavy and i bet she is regretting that now.
i just ate an entire bag of kettle corn and I am a tiny bit regretful.
but life does go on.

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