Sunday, March 01, 2009

lets go home and stuff

monkey the zoo was ok.
you know what! its none of your business
but I am so TRILLLLLED BEYOND THRILLED AND HAPPPY BEYOND THAT because I like the fat free ice cream and I cooked a fryer chicken tonight and I will make chicken salad tomorrrow.
and I am moving a-gain.
have I mentioned how much I loathe no cal? i think i have but i feel like I need to pound that info into your pretty thick skull.
so stuffy .
and a bank was robbed downtown AND there is a MAN GROPING women down there too!
real nice and wholesome.
and oh yes the store I work at is closing down.
If you even give a flyin shit everything will be 50% OFF and its all over in APRIL.
i might be able to buy that mother mary cotton tee i have been flirting with.
and the little league here is a dickhead too!
thank your face for nothing.
i think i am gonna get my hair done soon because I am a selfish bitch.

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