Wednesday, February 04, 2009


hanging out outsideme again.
my day was good and a lil surprising. AND THATS WHAT I WANT.
life is full of unexpected twists and turns that cause nausea,
I don't know what I am saying but I am just saying. and I am not talking about pregnancy. but no joke that could fuck your shit up. lil human beings are a bigger mess than big humans, poor lil things.
cycling didnt work out tonight BUT not cos I didnt go cause I was ON the stationary bike BUT my son had an issue that had to be dealt with so I had to LEAVE. it was mandatory. I was upset but now I am cool.
right now I am noticing that the microwave door is open and thats annoying me.
and i am trying to drink myself to sleep tonight.
I cant sleep.
no big thang.
everyone that comes into my business asks if we are closing and I am going to start SAYING "YES! YES WE ARE! BUY STUFF NOW! TO SAVE THE WORLDS ECONOMY!"
dont call me EVER!
I will totally hang up on you.

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