Thursday, February 12, 2009


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the new real world is GROSS.
I dont like it.
ONE girl has a big mole on her FACE and thats kinds YUCKY but she is the "normal" one.
and a there is a person that had their penis removed and had to learn how to pee again. wow. serious issues.
I dont even know why I still watch that show but I am for some reason.
In my real life I made heart shaped sugar cookies & ate some dough.
showed up at the GYM twice and was disappointed when my reg yoga teacher lady was not there. THE NERVE!
I like her cause she is spiritual and I think she can see my aura and isnt a cuntfaced bitch.
what could I say about work? uhhhh...I am pretty sure the store is gonna SHUT DOWN.
big surprise.
when the owner is looking for another source of income you can pretty much guess what that means.
I dont care.
everything is shuttin down and its SO interesting and fun.
like ring around the rosie we all fall down.
THE OTHER NIGHT THIS TRAIN KEPT TOOTING ITS WHISTLE ALL NIGHT!! is that what a train has? a WHISTLE? A HORN? whatever it has it kept tooting it. I thought somethingwas WRONG! like the end of the world. WHY else would A train lose its cool like that? did someone DIE on the tracks? a bicyclist? whatever it is its DISTURBING MY REST!
I hate trains. they are dangerous and annoying jerks.

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