Sunday, February 22, 2009

who are we to disagree

P2193396I have some stupid allergies these days AND when I go to buy some medicine I think to myself HEY I feel ok and I dont need any stinkin relief and then I leave the store where the medicine is kept and immediately start the sneezing again. thats a real weird thing.
I just woke up and had my english muffin and I am still sipping my coffee. I added a lil fiber to my coffee to help me feel FULL and stuff. interesting? no? well.
Too bad I am scheduled to stand around pickin my nose at work or I could bore you with my thoughts on fiber all day LONG.
Its raining and that means that downtown is ghost town.
Maybe I will dream up some great poses for more self photos today. fun.
I had a dream that an eatery made me FURIOUS with ANGER because instead of delivering me my TUNA sandwich they sent me spegahtti, 1/2 a hamburger, and doritos. The delivery lady thought she was doing me a "favor". I was not happy. I ordered a tuna sandwich. more happened with the dream but I don't have the energy or the desire to go all in to it.

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