Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lord Have Mecry! or mercy whateva

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that the newest sandal added to my collection.

It is funny cause i don't really feel like have a large amount of flippingflops or sandals or just shoes in general.

But lately if I see something as sparkly and beady like those I can not pass it up.

So I feel a collection coming on.

I actually feel a strong need for a trip to the Beverly Center.

That place is silly ridiculous.

But super duper great.

What can i say? I am Material Girl.

And lets all observe Madonna for one moment please.

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She had a shit birthday.

i could link the story I gues but I don't wanna.

She like fell off a horse and stuff.

Broken bones.

i wonder if she really fell off a horse?

My mom tried to trick me and said that she died!

I just screamed at her!


like you idiot mom!

No No Moms are great.
After all, I am one.
But my mom really pisses me off, especially when she starts telling me how proud she is of me.
That really aggravates me.
I told her that i was going to have to stop hanging around with her if she continued.


carrie said...

those are cute sandals

Janet said...

Yes, I love the sandals.