Wednesday, August 17, 2005

every day i wish I had gone to bed earlier.
I need the sleep.
everyday I wish I drank more water.
I need the water.
But i like soda, wine, and milk lots more.

And my face is so DRY from the sun and pool water.
My lips too.

And I have not been to the beach yet this summer!

ANd I need to buy my son a bed.
He is now 3 and needs get out of his crib.

And I need to bring my dog to the groomers.
And my cat to the vet.

And my husbands pants need to be brought to the cleaners.
And I need to pay some bills.
I could probably right this crap down on a post-it or something like that but whatever.

I will tell you what I don't need to do.
Buy any more flipflopping sandals or slippyslip shoes.
I have enough.


Brooke said...

My husband rolls his eyes at me when I point out my "dress" flip flops (nice black ones) and my "slummin' it" flip flops (generall all-purpose use). I am certifiably addicted to flip-flops & deck shoes too.

carrie said...

i refuse to pay more than two dollars for a pair of flip flops.

Malia said...

Yeah, I would say it is time for the son to get out of the crib. Definately.

Lo said...

You can never have to many flip-flops!!

Janet said...

But your flip flops are all so cute.