Saturday, August 06, 2005

Erase All

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Today I thought I would define cool by taking pictures myself sitting in a plastic chair, in my mothers backyard.
People think I am crazy when I am taking these pictures.
People are usually trying to have a conversation with me, but I just can't sit there and focus primarily on them and their silly words.
I must be playing with gadgets.

My husbands 14 year old cousin is always fidgeting with her cell phone. It is endearing to me.
She will walk around with it in her pink tank top right between her boobs with some boy on the line.
The boy is just happy to be sitting there listening to her being silly and junk.
These kids nowadays.

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Yesterday was my sons 3rd birthday and I do believe that it could not have been more perfect.
It was the funnest party ever!

And right this minute I have a tummy ache and
all these people are waiting on me to stop fiddling with my pointless interests.
But i am not rushing.
I have stuff I wanna do to ya know!
But still I feeled rushed.
I gotta go.

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Janet said...

Did Drew get a tattoo? He is SO cool.