Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Little Much

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

that is me paying attention.

I need to slide on some water slides.

That is a definite cure all.
unless you happen to fall off your inner tube and smack your face against the slide.
OR worse, you fly out of the tube slide thing and when you splash into the pool you become disorientated and think you are drowning.
People do that ya know.
IN 3 feet deep water! Growns ups, flip flapping their arms and crap in shallow water! Prettysillyifyaaskme.
ya know, I was a lifegaurd once.
And I saved these people.
AND more!

Tomorrow I am going a water park as a chaparone.
I am acting as an acting adult for a "fun trip" type thingy.
Basically a bunch of over the top silly girls from ages 11-17. or so.
So I am planning on an adventurous day.
But guess what!
I am an adult.
Me and Janet as matter of fact. WE are the adults!!

Afterall I do lots of super adult things.

For instance I stole my husbands cigerettes and I was going to smoke everry last one of them, but he stole them back.
what can I say?
I get bored.

And I think now I shall eat some Rice Krispies!


carrie said...

is that the offending snapple there on the table?

Kathryn said...

No. That is yet another Snapple.