Monday, August 08, 2005

Disneyland here I come.
Hopefully I do not get lost or kidnapped.
Hopefully I don't have a nervous breakdown.
Lots of people are coming along.
My mother included.
I am wearing my hat so my cuteness will be intact.
My Mom is running late as usual and people are already getting flustered.
Who cares folks.
Mickey will be there.
He won't go home.

Actually I feel nausea coming on.
I may vomit.
It is just Disneyland, and car rides, and hotel rooms, and balloons, and lines, and characters walking around in suits, and family, and crowds, and personalities, and the heat.
I could go on but it is starting to depress me.

And we are leaving any minute. Ok.
Should be fun.
I will have fun.
I refuse to let anything other than fun run through my viens.
Well maybe a lil THC!
wink wink

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