Wednesday, October 10, 2007

you're just bad news

DSC00219frsh i can not fucking believe SOME people.
people are just so beyond fucked.
I am also.
beyond FUCKed.
take that as a good thing.dickheads.
I did DISHES ONCE alrEADy TODAY! and NOW there are MOre!
dishes are annoying little things and haribrushes and potholders annoy me too.
OH and I hate sponges.
we all have lives to manage and these things only get in the way.
isnt it amazing and tragic.
my life has been threaten numerous times this week, by numerous people.
like water on a duck.
and last night while goign to beddy BYE i was stressin over shit.
literally and figuratively.
I think today I will post THREE TIMES.
youre welcome in advance.
tacosalad for lunch today.

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