Monday, October 08, 2007

if it is an enduring state, you would use 'tight'

isnt it so much easier to sit around smoking bowl after bowl after bowl?
makes thngs LESS stressful. but then you end up with a messy kitchen and a fucked up hallway.
but thats not me THATS YOU.
I have a hard time communicating to you guys what I mean.
and what is with teachers?
are they against me?
are you against me?
its not important.
I ran into my male nurse friend the other NIGHT while I was PARTYING It UP IN URGENT CARE.
and I gave him my BLOG ADDRESS! now he hates me.
I like to be hated. gives me pleasure.
some fucking assshole on the radio I guess you would know him as a Disc Jockey said that BLOGS ARE ONLY FOR DUMB BUNNIES!
and for an eentsy-weentsy moment I was enraged! thinking he pushed too far! who is he to judge?
but after I thought about his words i was like OH YES he speaks the truth.
I feel like being mean today.
watch it! dont brush up against me unless you are like model pretty.

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