Sunday, October 14, 2007

is tomorrow monday or not

sprinklebatterI made some SPOOKY HALLOWEEN cupcakes today and I think I have eaten 4.
I also just now had a cup of hot tea.
stupid idea.
i am such a fathead.
i went to a festival this weekend and embarrassed a few people.
I called this one girl MENTALLY RETARDED.
I immediately felt bad about it.
but the whole situation WAS out of control mentallly retarded.
allotted time slots bring out the worst in me and all this other stuff happpened way before and directly after that you would never believe.
feels as if I was at this festival for 30 hours STRAIGHT!
but that was Saturday.
TODAY has been a lot more CALM and less embarrassing for everyone for the most part.
I did attend church.
flew by. felt like 15 minutes long.

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