Thursday, October 04, 2007


so the deal is
for those of you that are concerned and interested
The fish tank is not my thing, my husband takes care of the fish tank.
We buy filters every so often and he changes the water every so often.
Seems like a big huge painful job to me, and in my brain a fish BOWL is a lot easier.
right now in this tank is a neon tetra and I am pretty sure that those require warm water
lucky to be alive in that cold water.
I did not buy it. my mother did.
she bought others along with it but they all passed away/died.
right now the neon tetra seems to be distrought.
there was a a goldfish but it died so maybe THE NT is upset about that.
but I have to push that out of my mind cos I have other stuff to take on.
like my stomach.
and this washingmachine being broken business
not really working out for me and my family. makes us all cranky.
never buy a front loader.
the stupid machine is under warranty so Ricardo came out to take a gander at the issue
he told me special pieces would need to be ordered to fix the problem
and then he went on to say that he was actually
"doing me A FAVOR"
so i was all "whatever Ricardo. dont do me any fucking favors."
he did some backtalking and said that it wasnt actually a favor.
a little hose was delivered to my door yesterday.
that brings up more confusion.
forget it. I am tired AND HUNGRY.

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