Monday, July 25, 2005

Few Things

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I swear if my cat can't figure out that he needs to walk down stairs to go pee, then I don't know what I am going to do.
He pees in my damn BED! HOW GROSS is THAT??
I don't like it.
THAT is exactly why I didn't want a cat.
But I got one. One that can't find its liter box when he is upstairs.
I guess I need to have 2 places for him to go.
Idiot cat.
Pets are such a hassle. Why do we bother?
When I am bored I entertain myself by buying an animal?
Or hey lets have a CHILD!
I am bored, lets go buy another baby!!

And another way I don't like to wake up is by the sound of my husband huffing and puffing over the laundry hamper.
I mean is there a problem?
Need some clean clothes?
How come?
I didn't really ask any of those questions.
But I just layed in bed and pretended to be asleep.

Then he left for work and didn't even kiss me goodbye.
Then the cat pee pee in the bed.
Today is turning out super fucking duper!


carrie said...

i feel like it's my fault that the cat is peeing on your bed cuz i think i predicted that he would and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

put a litter box on your bed. lol
just kidding.

Kathryn said...

ha ha yes actually I have been blaming you in secret. ha ha I walk around saying "see! this is all CARRIES FAULT!" ha ha
I think I am going to out a litter box in the tiny toilet area in my bathroom.
hopefully that'll work,

katey said...

not to be the lone crazy cat lady here, but you should have one more litter box in your home than you have cats. they like variety.

it doesn't make it any less annoying when the cat pisses the bed though does it?

Janet said...

Oh god. What a wonderful day. Ugh. We could go sit at Starbucks and complain. Sounds fun!

G00gIe said...

i dont care about that but pic is so romantic

carrie said...

*giggle* it is purty

Kathryn said...

Just one big blob of romance!
that tis me.