Saturday, June 11, 2005

Here is an AMAZING BLOG! I wish I could put things down into words as simply.

And remember my new favorite show! Well, I watched it last night. And let me just say IT FUCKED my brain UP!
I turned to Tim at one point and said that I couldn't continue to watch.
But I did.
Damaging my soul a little more.
I know I know it is JUST a silly T.V. show.
It is raw human insanity.
It exists!
One of the little deranged "skits" involved the number 2 commiting suicide.
It was quite emotional.
Anyways the way she was going about it was all wrong but I won't go in to great details.
I will just say it was involving acid and other flesh eating chemicals.
Ok. So the number 2 somehow survived her attempt.
BUT! During her reconstructive surgery the doctor changed her from a 2 to a 0!!!
pretty intense man.
pretty intense.

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