Thursday, June 30, 2005

All I Really Want is Some Peace MAN!

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What it all comes down to is I haven't got it all figured out just yet.

Just roll with it.
Just slide with it.
That is all.

Be relaxed.
Become calm like the sea.
But is the sea really all that calm?
Crazy stuff happens out there.
But crazy stuff is what keeps the calmness calm.
I guess.
How would we recognize calm with out the crazy?

Whatever! all I know is what I know.
And that isn't much.

Now I will go clean up some dog throw up.
Just yesterday I was talking to that slice of pink girl, about pet vomit.
And I was thinking how my dog never does that stuff.
Give me a flipping break.

Do I not choose my own destiny or WHAT!?!


carrie said...

cute picature!

Janet said...

Oh shit. That sucks about the barf. Sorry. :o(

Kathryn said...

Tim does not like this picture. He said Bad angle.
I like it.
whata poop.
ha ha

carrie said...

i think it is cute and a fun angle. :-P so there, TIM! ;-P