Monday, January 12, 2009

no matter what happens I will always hate & love

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketever gotten to the point where you dont give a fucking shit?
well I am there and it feels ok.
and that doeZnt even mean anything.
I care but I dont, and thats the BEAUTY.
to care but not at the same time is the MIRACLE.
so its the new year and thats great.
TIME flies and thats super.
before I know it YOU and I will be dead.
this Is a journal so let me journal.
I had xmas and it was nice
THEN yours truly and son went on a big jet plane and flew across the state and that was nice.
then I landed and that was even nicer then I saw my friends and had an even NICER time.
it was great.
traveling is stress but so worth the hassle. AT least in this case.
saw my old house and set it on fire. drove away fast and in tears.
I have been to the GYM ONCE since xmas so you can imagine how ENORMOUS I FEEL.
anything i say may be held against me.
anyways I have been back up north for a week now and its just super fucking fantastic, my job is boring as all hell BUT thats not necessarily a BAD thing. I have been considering getting a gig at the THAI restaurant.
I like food and the people who eat it.
get it? EAT IT!!
PLUS I have experience in the BIZNESS. we shall see.
I never stay at one place long.
well, today I read some bible while crying over my birth control drama situation.
INSURANCE can be A BASTARDs mother.
you know it to be true. numbers and area codes, north, south, east, west and other B.S.
sometimes I hate the life I have been leading and all its offerings and I try to remember that planet EARTH is A JOKE,
and I would rather be star dust.
happy new year. its gonna be a year of....
self discovery?
hair cuts?
I have been thinking of going BLONDE! and I know thats a MISTAKE already.
BLONDE will KILL my hair.

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