Monday, January 26, 2009

for crying out loud

hi!!!!!! ITS ME!
i watched that semi popular primetime show "the bachelor" this evening.
good stuff.
it gets even better after the 4th or 5th glass of merlot.
all the women start crying and talking about "connections" and 'chemistry" and I pee my pants with laughter.
my kind of entertainment.
SO today was one of my days OFF and that means I didnt have to stand around picking at my hair in a gift shop today.
I worked my body out for 2 hours then I did 4 hours worth of putting away clothes, weeping and screaming into my pillow.
ALSO made a delicious meatloaf dinner and it turned out fantastic of course. i even added some oats for some extra good health.
I am so much more healthier than 75% of you. its fucking true.
AND no mashed potatoes on the side, just broccoli and spinach.
i work tomorrow.
and DUDE hear this shit,
I was chomping down on some walnuts the other afternoon and I chomped right down into my lip and my stupid ass lip piercing and FUCK MAN was it ever painful!! and do i ever have a problem. you have no idea the sound that rattled through my head. CRUNCH BOOOM BANG PAIN!
i pray to the gods to help me with my stupidity,
and nut addiction.
please hear my prayers.

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