Sunday, January 25, 2009


eating mango
fucking mango.
balloons stuck in some tree branches above an over priced shoe store... not too thrilling.P1252486P1252507P1252530P1252559
TODAY! my necklace was tangled up in such a bad way that I had to spend like 10 minutes untangling it.
I was so proud of myself for being able to focus on one thing for that long.
how is it that everyone seems to have their shit in order so well? isn't anyone else as fucked up as me?
I like to watch that show about cleaning houses. the one where a crew goes into what seems to be a "normal" family home but actually its an absolute fucking DISASTER zone inside with garbage bags, fabrics and Hummel Figurines piled ceiling high
but they are so very much in LOVE the garbage bags, fabrics and hummels and the people refuse to part with their "treasures".
makes me feel like more of a WINNER and less of a LOSER.
I have piles of clothes. and I still have a suitcase to unpack. I have a storage unit for god sake! a storage unit that has an icebox inside along with OTHER STUFF! A COUCH! and a DRESSERR and MORE! FRANKENSTEIN EVEN! fuck me I hate stuff.
BUT on to another subject.
I actually heard a lady complain about having to go to FRANCE AGAIN!
she said, " UGH FRANCE AGAIN!? really? must I?"
what a fancy pants lady.
in her lilac snow vest.
A lotta people around here wear snow vests.
fuck them.
douche bags.

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