Tuesday, January 27, 2009

pretentious assholes getting on my nerves

stupid girl
DID YOU SEE THAT CARAZZY LAKER GAME TONIGHT!? DOUBLE OVERTIME! but they ended up losing and I ended up yelling at my TV.
have I told you that my job is really boring with zero customers?
and have I mentioned that drinking 70 ounces of water causes you too urinate lots? but is very healthy.
did you know that I am so FULLY sick and TIRED of alll the stuck up people in this town? they make me sick with anger.
DAVIS, CA is FULL OF SNOBS! I can not WAIT to get the FUCK out of here. and trust me I will be leaving soon cause a simple idiot like me just doesn't fit in.
the ghetto is where I belong. so cal is my home.
i am miserable. now you know. but who really cares? some of you WANT me to live in misery and marinate in my emotional pain. SOME of you have gone out of your way to destroy my little life. so hooray! and yippy.
my fucking BIKE WAS STOLEN! in this ever so lovely and over educated town!
do you remember me saying that?
did you know that I rode my bike everyday to bring my son to and from school and I used it to go to work?
but oh well too bad for me
why did I move here?
there isnt even a nice beach close by and I LOVE swimming with sharks.
hows that for GRACE?
because I thought it would be nice.
but what has become clear is that college towns are full of idiots with zero life experience,
but think they know it all.

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