Monday, January 19, 2009

are you better than me?

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketDont you know basketball is my life?
i am so active and so fit.
i think thats a WNBA ball. just so you can paint the whole picture in your head as correctly as you possibly can.
R U redEYE for some sad and upsetting KATHRYN NEWS? well ready or not here ya go-
like yeah my adorable pink bike w my adorable basket was stolen.
real fucking nice people. and NO it wasnt locked up and so what?
but whatver I am a duck so I like dont care QUACK QUACK
that dude I work with is gonna steal YOUR bike and give it to me. i sure hope its not a piece of crap. and I hope its not a boy bike.
I swear to christ jesus in a good way.
just one more thing to add to the book.
I heard that when we die we feel everything we have felt in our lifetime times 7! can you even imagine what that will feel like?
of course you can not.
BUT just know YOU this: it will burn and it will burn bad.
what did you do today?
i drank over 70 ounces of water today and ate like 10 pounds of WALNUTS and salami.
there went my diet.
i need some weed so I wont focus so hard on all my negative feelings I have for you.
they hinder me.
5 am comes faster than I know.

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