Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am a really creative person

P1292656P1292617de coloresSOCKSareworkymove itsitP1292641SO LIKE YA KNOW!
i went to a funky yoga class tthis morning and the teacher lady welcomed me and the place was PACKED and she made us all do some crazy shit. LIKE stick our tongues out and make DEVIL FACES! NO SHIT!
it was great, I loved it.
I ate a can of sardines for lunchy. thats one of my secrets that I am letting out of the BAG
so to speak.
I made some ratattouile for dinner.
work was fun. WHEN I wasnt taking these SUPER photos of myself I was standing outside in the warm sun.
seriously it could be worse.
thanks for all your prayers.
OH and I stole some TOILET PAPER from my JOB. is that a sin?
just one roll. and I need more cos of all the fucking water I intake
WHY doesnt my body just ABSORB it all!? and they say we need to "CUT BACK" well fuck YOU!

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