Tuesday, December 23, 2008

live life forward

so this is Christmas.
i poured WAY WAY too MUCH brandy in my egg nog. oh weells. I dont know how in the world I ever drank that stuff straight up.
hope everyone out there is having a happy holiday. I am.
stocking stuffers are my favorite part. with toothbrushes.
and the baking of the cookies.
We made cookies on Saturday! TONS of coookies! sugar, choc chip, and PEANUT BUTTER!
they all turned out so soft and delectable... I swear I would bake cookies for a living if I could. I LOVE BAKING COOKIES!
My gramma and I used to bake together and it was always the BEST TIME!yummy and pretty
i had a hamburger tonight.
yesterday I had sushi and the day before that I had STEAK and potato and some dumb peachy icy alcohol drink. I should have ordered the blueberry martini! dont you hate THAT!?
I also had some sangria that tasted like your moms old perfume.
YUCK. I still drank it.
whatever this is boring. who really cares.
work has been FUN because its been so BUSYYYY!
if I am not ringing up the money spending shoppers I am tying ribbons on their packages and making friendly, nice and light chit chat. sometimes an old hag and her hag friends will come by and mess up the flow but I try to not focus on that.
I focus on the positive people with the cool vibes.
one dad was in the shop with his kid and he was telling his son to stop worrying so hard on the future and be here in the NOW and pay attn to the now.
and yes. the messages are circling all around.
I like that shit. good dads and good moms doing the good.
sometimes I fuck up.
but we all do.
just dont drink and drive like some stupid idiot. and please stop wearing the UGG boots for the LOVE OF GOD.
we will be alright.

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