Thursday, May 29, 2008

no day like today but that was a few days ago

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help! I am and have been busy ruining my life.
yesterday i tore some vertical blinds down in a fit of rage and my kitchen has a new feel to it today.
superstitions are real but you should not let it control your life.
i hate every area of the government. I dont thnk I will bother voting again.
also i wish i didnt need a car. cause in this town I need a car. I hate this town.
WELCOME HOME JANET:) we are gonna hang out. seee a movie and watch a ball game.
for those of you here who hang on my every word i am sorry I dont feel like blogging as much anymore.
all I ever feel like doing all the time is doing whatever the fuck I want with what all that I have to do, and read my horoscope.
that sentence makes sense.
and I will TRY to post again soon for those of you that care.
thats nice.

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