Monday, May 05, 2008


there is me looking cute in a field a few weeks ago. my eyes are squinted and my face is round,
just thought i should show you.
never can there be too many pictures of me around here.!
already rode my bike like a HUNDRED miles today and did PILATES!
yeah you better start doing that because thats the only fucking way to get that solid slim sexy CORE.
you can achieve it.
all my friends do it.
soon everyone will be as advanced as I.
a new salad joint opened up around the corners and I am going to go check it out for a 2nd time.
the first time I had to get crazy iwth a BITCH cause she wanted to take my tray away.
bitch got all ridiculous about it.
fucking bogus.
dont take your job so seriously. relax. rules can be broken.

oh and happy cinco mayo.

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