Wednesday, May 14, 2008

appreciate the teacher week

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here I am again.
listening to Madonna.
i think Madonna and I would get along.
its funny when people tell me that they see me around town.
its like everyone is everywhere all the time.
like GOd.
we are god.
you and me ALL GOD>ALL THE TIME.
thats my saying.
but this town is not very big.
i was kinda mad this morning at my backpack. I need a fucking basket. I dont get why I cant just buy one from a store in town.
somtimes I thnk buying stuff online stinks. I rather just go into a store and buy and use RIGHT AWAY.
but I need to order a basket.
i could be doing it right now but I am typing up this dull bullshit.
and dmnafuckingshit i have sooo much to do.
why bother complaining?
we all have these things to do. countertops to wipe and labels to print.
whats the purpose of that?
I think I am buying a TREE for my front yard today and that is going to make it all better. like a band-aid.
i didn't realize that for 60 dollars I could buy a tree, I thought it would be like 1,000 dollars.
maybe i should go pay some bills.
its probably the wind blowing down my house.

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