Sunday, May 18, 2008

bleeding and fading

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet will you try to imagine the scene?
yesterday around 9:15 AM
Me carrying two snow cones. one was grape/strawberry and the other was tigers blood/kiwi. (tigers blood is a mixture of berry flavors and coconut.YUM)
some very colorful shaved ice.
I wanted my picture taken w these snow cones but oh weell too bad cos
I am the only one who takes the pictures and I did not have a free hand to do so.
it was a summer time situation.
god its hot.
i think today around 2:30 PM I will swim.
i have a new raft sitting in its box just waiting for the summer season to be kicked off.
my stomach needs some color.
my kitchen table is covered in cleaning products that I bought yesterday.
lots of lavender scented things so that means that all the packaging is PURPLE.
and i am sooo ready to go to the ZOO.
the LA zoo is pretty nice.
i am gonna do my duties and clean my kitchen floor now.
the other night I splashed peach juiice all over the fucking stupid place and its now sticky and gross.
you go on with what you normally do on a Sunday
episode after episode of the three stooges and THe Munsters.

and oh yeah YESTERDAY I witnessed a chubby lady going to the bathroom in some bushes on a pretty busy avenue.
whats her problem?

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