Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my mascara looks bad, FROM THE CRYING.

PhotobucketWELLFUCKINGSHIT! my day is NOT going well at all.
I totally called it.
I even forgot to turn on the radio.
let me go do that.
oh wonderful no music just commercials.
luckily I will be leaving my house soon but before I do go I need to do something about my face.
I do think that the day will get better I guess it all depends on the weather.
i had to go to traffic court today and it went really badly and I have to APPEAL SOME BULLSHIT!
why lord why?
my friend was in a car accident too! some fucking drunk driver rear ended her very nice BMW. it's totaled.
I am feeling so sad.
for what?
for everything.
I GUESS it could always be worse and thats scary.

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