Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ten again

Photobucketthere is my new bike. :)
its pink. and fun.
and coolio foolio.
today I have been riding all other the fucking place so could you like maybe for the sake of everyone involved SLOW DOWN!?
you in your stupid car.
yesterday I rode in a mini skirt to my sons T BALLL PRACTICE! and it was uncomfortable for me, I was adjusting and tugging the whole time. never again will I be in that situation.
or maybe if I have no choice.
i try not to give a damn but I usually kinda do.
I really dont care about unimportant things like exposing myself.
I am exposed.
i just be who I be.
and dont THINK twice or hard about it.
I think hard about getting things done.
I need a basket on my bike and a bell.
the bell is so I dnt have to verbally communicate with idiot 14 and 15 yr olds.
fucking morons.
the basket for strawberries.
NOW I have to sweep.
you can go to sleep.

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