Saturday, April 19, 2008


Photobucketyeah its cool cause the poppies are nice and heavy this yr!
one nice thing.
everything else stinks.
its funny when you continue to be happy even though everything stinks.
like the economy!, the upcoming election, aids, TRASH!, cancer!, trashy hookers, dead beat dads, heffers, EARTHQUAKES, mortgage loans!, beef fat, Trans FATS, Jonas bros.(i really hate them), fat, livers, HOMEWORK!, and we can not afford to forget about the GLOBAL WARMING
just a few examples
and just for the sake of being rude and pointing fingers lets not leave out you, your brother and your aunts.
we all need to hold hands together and pray together... i mean that.
something wiith candles at the very least?
witchcraft is one way to help.
dont you wanna help?
I cant do it alone.
you people are so self centered.
after I left the poppies my allergies were all on the fritz so that was pretty entertaining.
I wanted to lay in them but thats against the law and its bad for nature.
and I have been thinking strong about visiting a psychic.
is that shit real or what?
do you know any capable psychics in the Los Angeles area?

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