Wednesday, April 02, 2008

its a spring thing

hamburgerthats the same northern cali burger that I keep dreamin about. see the mayo.
actuallly last night I dreamt about some black dudes bouncin a bouncy ball into my hotel room
and how there were tons and tons of bouncy balls everywhere but they neeeeded that ONE so they BARGED into my room to get it. RUDE. that was just a small portion of the dream.
lots of different levels of FRUSTRATION goin on and packing and who was goign to drive this car or that car and your mom.
today at the gym I will be doing some core work and some yoga. I wont be cycling just cause I wanna spend more morning time with coffee and oats. I already spun on monday and i will spin again on FRIDAY. i know everyone will be missing me or talking trash and thats just fine. FINE!
I am a morning person and I live for coffee and oats.
OH! I did some flower planting yesterday and i was so CRABBBY while doing so. the flowers and dirt were being so annoying.
must be time for my period. I am such a girl.
and that reminds me that I have a cert. for a PEDI and a MANI that I will be using at the right moment in time.
NEXT WEEK or something.

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