Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have tons and tons of stUff to do allll the time.
and shit everywhere. I am so sick of all the stuff.
why do I even have all this stuff?
baskets and bowls.
I have my bathing suit on and the PLAN is that I am going to get a suntan.
and cancer.
its not even that warm its early still.
and why is radio such CRAP!!!!?!?!
its not even about the music.
i listen to KIIS and right in the VERY MIDDLE of a song it will go PUUU!!UUUUUBANG boom boom bang beat! and then a stupid cunty lady voice announces what station I am listening to and where its location is.
thats great but why?
and then back to the song just interrupted.
thats so fucking lame I cant even think too long about it and I am mad at myself for even listening to a radio station in my house.
I have no idea what I am doing.
soorrry I am not all sunshine and roses
but actually guess what
I am precisely those things.
today I wore my new white gloves and woke up with the worst cramps.
what's the temp?

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