Monday, March 31, 2008

we know its probably magic

Photobucketjanet and I spilt that burger i inhaled my half while JAnet was all ladylike w her half as always.Photobucket
HELLO LEGS! on easter day.
last night in bed a movie was watched that involved a fucked up leg situation.
i am happpy for having both of my legs
and now today is a nice spring day.
I think I will go to the BLOGHER conference thingamajig. why not?
Though instead of actually paying for a ticket I might just sneak a way in.
i bet its TOTALLLY dO-ABLE and if not I will just chill out in the bay
and buy prescription WEED.
no boys ALLOWED. but thats not going on until JULY. so lets talk about it everyday until THEN.
its almost 2 o clock.

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