Friday, November 02, 2007

today is my birthday

K cakes
I fell down in a parking lot. I didnt see anybody see me BUT I am sure people saw.
I scraped my knee pretty badly.
it was funny.
it was wonderful.
then I walked into the gym
told EVERYONE I FELL and showed EVERYONE my knee.
I got HUGS, a shiny purple balloon with colorful confetti and streamers AND the letters spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed on it,
FLOWERS!, CUPCAKES, a pink sheet of paper with all my important scorpio info printed on it, AND a bottle of shiraz!
and I spun for an hour.
the balloon was on my bike. that was me.
oh and I was called pretty.
it was funny that I fell.
I have wonderful people in my life.
I have to go now so my mood can shift and swing from here to there
and like it.

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