Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i am about to knock a bitch out

they suck.
they are stealing my money. a fat cow actually and she is so annoying.
everyday she is in my face.
its ironic cause i am feeling like a cow and I am gonna make a special banana pie in a special little bit. just waiting for the cool whip ta thaw.
a fat special PIE.
I already ate some caramel.
i am very special.
YESTERDAY I bought some meatballs and that was a big fuck up, cause I hate meatballs.
HATE! theymake me wanna fucking PUKE all over the place.
but spending money on things is so fullfilling.
and AMY WINEHOUSE needs to shape up because I am in love with her.
I know there was once upon a time when I called her WHORE but I love her anyways.
love is blind.
I need to get in touch with her.
I was thinkng this while CLEANING my carpets! YESTERDAY and today I amstill thinking about it and I want to clean my carpets again.
crazy shit.
I am such a mother.

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