Sunday, November 11, 2007

i like to have a good time

lunchi make the best sandwiches in the the world.
my world.
I can swing right over your world.
have you read that book? everyone else has.
but so yes I am a little bit nervous
plus last night I had really scary dreams with scary MONSTERS of all sizes big and small
and more scary things.
and a cute girl in a really cute pink convertible.
it was strange and very scary and a little sexy.
my dreams are always fucked. YEAH YEAH yeah yours ARE TOO I AM SURE WE ALL KNOW AND CARE.
let it go already.
i made salmon cakes for dinner.
i need a drink of ice water to wash this metallic taste out of my mouth.
whats the meaning behind that?
and I am gonna start to be a real bitch
if need be.
but I like you.

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