Wednesday, November 07, 2007

my eyes are burning

pumpkin pie
thnak god I bought somehand lotion yesterday.
smells sooo nice.
tomorrow I think I will go buy some new stationary.
I have had the same stupid kitty CAT paper for long enough.
I wonder if I should SKIP the gym to go buy some.
I am such a loser.
I wont skip the gym.
i will go after the gym.
and BTW bitches
i need some good knock knock jokes.

ew!i heard a man fell into a wood chipper today in TUSTIN.
oh and I dnt care about anything HOLLYWOOD.
well maybe I do a little
but deep down I feellike fuck you hollywood!
what have you done for me? ever?!
but whatver
not really.
holly would is cool
remember that movie COOL WORLD.

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