Saturday, November 03, 2007

you did exactly what I was gonna do

my knee is still cute. THANK GOD.
i saw THE BEE MOVIE and liked it very much.
lots of HAHAHAHAs
i ate some gummy bears.
I went to a birthdayluncheon with my gramma and MOM yesterday and gosh that was annoying.
my mom kept saying FILET MIGNON in this annoying voice and talking about how GOOGLE is the next new amazing thing.
nodoby gets it. i wanted to pull the waitress aside and bond with her.
ask her if she thought it was possible for people to NOT be annoying?
no they cant.
people stare and talk so much.
its enough to depress.
i did have a fantastic salad with lots of different stuff init like apples, grapes, and nuts.

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