Sunday, April 22, 2007

my dreams are so much snappier than yours

church is so stupid. I hate it. some little girl brats and little boy brats were recieving their very 1st holy communion this morning so that caused a ruckus. we sat in the very last pew. and was my gramma pissed! I was a little ticked too but i got over it very fast.
you can see a lot more people and action from back there. a stranger man shook my hand really fucking hard too. like painfully squeezed my hand.
then he shook my hand A SECOND TIME for no reason whatsoever about 15 seconds later but all softly.
ok dude what spiritual jesus message are you giving me here? his girlfriend or wife or sister called him STUPID.
he was bald and had funny teeth.
could have been you.
oh and I hate my mother for sure today. i think she is the worst. and I would like to move far far far away from her.
or perhaps she could just stay the fuck away from me.
she was all freaked out by my play-doh recipe.
oooohh ahh yea. playdoh. impressive.
she always comes over and then has to SUDDENLY leave to go get GAS.
BYE!!! bye like right when you pulled up.
and so soorrys if your mom is dead or far away and you miss your mommy.
I bet your mom was great.
or is great.
maybe you should fuck her.

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