Friday, April 06, 2007

it doesnt have to be by the book

ok. so some things have happened.
yesterday A crazy bitch almost killed me and my son in our car and i ended up screaming STUPID BITCH!!! out my window and then realized that maybe I should have screamed something else since my 4 yr old was in the car. BUT FUCK!
weaving in and out of traffic going into ONCOMING TRAFFIC! with her emergency lights flashing. she was chasing this Yellow mustang. probably her boyfriend. she thought she was being AWESOME.
then she ended up hittitng a brick wall and I sort of laughed.
ok whatelse. I have been talking on the phone this morning cos I am a chatty Kathy today. that was a nickname my 3rd grade teacher gave me. MS. KIOUS. she was a cool teacher. one day I peed my pants her classrm though and was wearing tights so it was a major pain for me. I was inline!

WE ARE ALL going OUT tuesday night without you
to a comedy club and I guess DANE COOOK WILL BE THERE!
we know people.

i am going to take a long walk and then I am going to drive around my town cos I have stuff to do in it.

last night I made like 17 cookies and I would say I ate 10 of them.

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