Wednesday, November 30, 2005

more please

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I must have swallowed some soap or sniffed it up my nose while I was in the shower cause my throat is stinging. It is sucky. I have done this before.
Taking a shower can be such a pleasure or such a pain.
I wonder how many times I have washed my hair and shaved.
I was in a big rush to be a full time shaver when i was younger.

I'd sneak and use my moms razor and CUT the CRAP out of my leg.
The cuts seemed to bleed forever and I was trying be secretive about the whole thing but then I would have these huge razor cuts on my legs.
I would get caught.
It was always embarassing to get caught doing things like that.
One time I even shaved my arms.
They were so smooth.

here is a snowman. tis the season.

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